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One Stop Destination for All your Computer Sales and IT Services

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SHRI OM INFOTECH helps you to build successful Products for you by employing a truly Global Product Development approach and Investing in your idea to accelerate your business goals by building engaging & profitable Website or Mobile Application.

Delivering value and sustainability to an ever-changing business environment with emerging technology trends and business engagement models.
Born out of a vision to create software development company where quality, innovation, and personalized services trump low cost, makeshift solutions, SHRI OM INFOTECH is one of the most trusted names in the IT services sector.

SHRI OM INFOTECH'S business is focused solely on the front end of the Technology: Networking, System Infrastructure, Datacenter and Security solutions. Our heritage in Website Development, Networking and deep understanding of IT Infrastructure technologies differentiate us from our competitors. SHRI OM INFOTECH focus has evolved to adapting the design, management, and development of business technology to be a better servant to the greater business and use it as a tool to drive innovation, enable market leadership and help the customer to achieve their business goals. Our collaborative customer-centric approach aligns with client’s IT strategies in accomplishing their business goals.