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One Stop Destination for All your Computer Sales and IT Services

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We deliver technology innovation to optimize business processes and accelerate your digital transformation journey.

With Shri Om Infotech’s portfolio of integrated and collaborative technology solutions, we ensure maximum efficiency for your business. We don’t just deliver the right solution, we partner in your growth story.

Product Engineering Services

We can build your Product from concept to completion, or provide independent services for individual stages. 

Hardware & Networking Services

We provide you with the best-in-class converged network solutions to meet your business needs and design the Infrastructure based on the requirements

Website Designing

We help you in finding the suitable design and color combination for your Website or Application and give an Effective and Attractive look at the Product during its development.

Website and Appli. Quality Assurance

Enterprise Software and Website Quality Assurance and Testing Services for delivering faster and efficient technology solutions.

Repairing and Maintenance

We provide support, repairing and maintenance for all Types of Computer equipments (PC or Laptop), Websites, Applications and Peripherals.

Network Infrastructure

We provide the Infrastructure to your preferred network and try to keep the network less complicated and which can be easily altered or modified

Website & Application Development

We provide Website and Application development services for Web, Mobile and Cloud to help enterprises like yours accelerate time-to-market.

Office Automation

We create computer machinery and software used to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate, and relay office information needed for accomplishing basic tasks.

Internship & Placements

We provide Internships to the Engineering Students and we provide placement facilities to the Freshers who have skills to grow in IT Market.